Coffee Shop Kicks: A Randy Man Adventure

Randy Man was thirsty. He’d gone for a run and was about five kilometres from home when he realised that he needed a drink. He spotted a coffee shop at the nearby HDB flat, and made his way there, figuring that he would cool off and rehydrate before catching a bus back.

It was mid-afternoon, so the place was pretty empty. He noted with some interest that it was a Muslim establishment, so all the stalls were halal. The drink stall was manned by a young Malay man, perhaps in his early twenties. He addressed Randy as “abang”, and efficiently set about making the drink that Randy had asked for.

Randy was also horny. (His parents had named him well, a strange combination of a Western name and a Cantonese surname.) As the young man made his kopi c kosong, Randy noticed that the young man was both good-looking and quite well-built.

He was short, but had what looked like a firm lean build under his orange t-shirt and jeans. Handsome manly face, with the hint of a moustache, and a pronounced Adam’s apple that Randy found quite attractive.

Randy made some small talk, and found out that his name was Ismail, and that he was originally from Malaysia, working in the coffee shop. He stayed in a flat one floor above, which he shared with some of the other workers – it was also used to store some of the supplies for the stalls.

Randy made a show of adjusting his crotch when he got his wallet out of his fanny pack to pay for his drink. Ismail had definitely checked him out, so Randy asked him if he wanted to play.

Ismail smiled nervously, and then called over another guy wearing the same t-shirt and (presumably) asked him to cover. The guy took Ismail’s place behind the counter. Randy followed Ismail up the staircase next to the coffee shop, and then down the corridor to a flat in the corner. He took off his sneaker

The place was messy but clean, and the living room had a pile of small boxes in the corner, with clothes laid out to dry on the small wood and fabric sofa set. Randy had finished his drink on the way up, and went to the spartan kitchen to throw the cup and straw down the rubbish chute. Another, taller Malay guy walked into the kitchen, wrapped only in a thin towel, skinny with firm abs, headed past Randy to the shower.

“My housemate, Othman,” Ismail explained, as he led Randy into the largest of the three bedrooms. It was neat, had a couple of wooden wardrobes and two beds, and a soccer ball in the corner by the door that Ismail shut behind him.

“Must quickly,” said Ismail, pulling off his t-shirt, showing his firm broad pecs and small nipples, and revealing his modest biceps and wispy underarm hair. Randy took the cue and stripped off, too, putting his fanny pack on top after he folded his clothes and put them on the floor by the bed.

When he looked up, he was pleasantly surprised to see that Ismail had a fat circumcised cock, with a delicious-looking bulbuous head. Randy might have enjoyed sucking on it, but Ismail was already bending over the bed and presenting his ass. Randy’s dick was already almost hard, and he only had to jack it a couple of times before was ready. He spit on the beautiful pink rosebud that peeped out between Ismail’s brown cheeks, and then again on his own cock. He rubbed his dickhead against Ismail’s hole, and Ismail reached back to spread himself open with both hands.

Randy accepted the invitation, and pushed himself in, a little roughly, which made Ismail groan. He was more gentle, sliding in and out, going a little further each time, until he was finally buried all the way in, his balls pressed against Ismail’s body. Ismail gave a little sigh, and put his hands down on the gaudy floral bedsheet that covered the mattress, adjusting to a more stable footing and pressing back a little.

Randy slipped out a bit, and then started moving, getting up to a slow pump mostly using his hips and thighs, steadying himself with his hands on either side of Ismail’s waist. Ismail gasped and moaned breathlessly as Randy fucked him, and Randy enjoyed watching Ismail’s bum bounce when he bumped into it as he pumped, and had just gotten up to a good speed when the door opened and Othman walked in, wrapped in his damp towel.

Randy stopped, but Ismail gasped “don’t stop, never mind” so he kept going. He turned to look as Othman, cleanshaven and probably also in his early twenties, shut the bedroom door. When Othman turned back, Randy could make out the bulge in the other guy’s towel, and wasn’t disappointed when Othman unwrapped to show a semi-hard cut cock that was thin and long, a lot like Othman himself, and nestled in a trim bush.

Othman stroked himself idly, tossed his towel on the other bed, and then climbed on in front of Ismail to feed the bottom his rod. He sighed in satisfaction as Ismail set to sucking, the slurping noises parallel to the sucking and slapping noises Randy’s dick was making in Ismail’s ass.

Othman’s dick was slick with saliva when he pulled it out of Ismail’s mouth, and climbed off Ismail to stand next to Randy. It stood out straight in front of him, slender, with a red cockhead that was about as thick as the shaft.

“Abang, my turn?” Othman said, so Randy reluctantly pulled out and let Othman push in. He thought to exchange positions with Othman, but the tall guy held Randy’s dick, and wanked it in time to his thrusts into Ismail. Randy decided to play along, and turned to face Othman and played with Othman’s body, running his hands along his firm lean body and playing with his nipples.

Ismail was playing with himself, one hand on his crotch. Randy stopped fiddling with Othman and bent over, cupping Ismail’s pec and fingering his nipple.

That must have done the trick.

Ismail moaned loudly, “Uh uh UHH,” and Othman fucked faster, letting go of Randy’s dick and then pulling out of Ismajl to shoot a few strings of thick sticky cum across his back.

Ismail stood up and looked around, took Othman’s damp towel and swiped his back and ass a couple of times before quickly getting dressed. “I go back to work,” he said, and let himself out of the room before Randy could say anything.

This left Randy in a peculiar situation, since both the guys had unloaded and he was still hard. Othman must have decided to take pity on him, sat where Ismail had vacated and bent over to give Randy a suck.

The idea of Othman sucking him almost fresh from Ismail’s ass was a turn on, and Randy put his hands on either side of Othman’s face and guided the boy to take him in deeper. He enjoyed the sensation for a while, then took control, holding Othman’s head still and fucking his face. Didn’t take long for him to get close, and he pulled out to shoot, nearly waiting till it was too late, and spraying his cum all over Othman’s chest.

Othman reclaimed his towel and wiped himself up, and then handed it to Randy so that Randy could wipe off his sweat and clean up. Othman got dressed too, in his orange t-shirt uniform for the coffee shop, and Randy got dressed, too. He clipped on his waist pouch, awkwardly said bye as Othman ignored him, and let himself out.

Not the most satisfying afternoon, but Randy figured he still had time, so he headed off to the bus stop to catch a bus home.

Quick 3some but hot.. 😍 😍 😍 😍

Thanks, it was fun writing it, too – got me hard and a little wet.

This is nice 💦💦💦



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