sausagewithgirth: “Mmmpph!”



“What was that?”

“Immmmmm straaaaaattttteeee.”

“I did not quite get that.”

“Dnnnnt fffffffuuuuukkkk meeeeeeee!”

“I think you are trying to beg me for something. Is this what you want?”

“Noooooo nooooo noooo owwwww argggghhhhhhhhhh!”

“That sounds like a moan of pleasure.  Are you liking this?”

“Nnnoooooooo  plessssseeee stopppppp itttsssss toooooobggggggg”

“That gag is really making it hard to understand you, I guess you were right, it was a bad idea to strap it on you before we started. I can take it off once we are done and you can tell me how much you are enjoyed this. Now just let me dump a load in your new cunt.”

“Pllleesssssse dnnnnnnt cccccuuuuummmmmm innnnnnnnmyyy asssssssss!”

“What was that?  I still can’t understand what you are trying to say.”



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