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critknits: “Don’t worry. We will be together for all of your…


Don’t worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes, and we will never give up.” – Raava to Wan

Here are the new and improved pictures of the Raava and Vaatu mittens 🙂  I LOVED the whole take on Raava and Vaatu this past season of Legend of Korra. /sigh Raava telling Wan she will be with him through all his lifetimes…right in the feels MAN! After watching the episode, I immediately started charting them because I thought they would look amazing on some mittens. I’m so happy with my charts!! I made this mitten pattern from scratch. I’m going to change it slightly. These were toooo roomy for me >:(

Desperate for a pair? You are more then welcome to contact me. I will say, sizing is limited on these because of the chart.

ALSO, I do not claim to own anything related to Korra, etc etc, this is just my interpretation of an element seen in the show. 🙂

Great idea….can’t wait to try it



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